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The first truly user-configurable EDID emulator антибиотики при половых инфекциях EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) is a message, normally stored in computer monitors and other display devices, that computer graphics cards use to configure their outputs. Without an EDID many graphics cards will not function properly. The DVI Parrot acts as an EDID emulator, allowing users to override the EDID that is sent from a display device to the graphics cards. This lets users force graphics cards to output in particular modes. The EDID emulation also means that the display device - such as a projector or LED video wall - can be disconnected without confusing the source video equipment. The Parrot offers complete configurable control, allowing quick and easy modification of all EDID parameters, greatly simplifying system set-up and trouble-shooting, especially of the large complex video systems that are becoming so popular.

"super high-quality, easy to use box that prevents 'display misunderstandings' ... it's a priceless, simple thing"

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вышивка крестом северное сияние схема Small and rugged – suitable for any video engineer's toolbox – the Parrot is easily configured via USB on either Windows or Mac computers. The configuration software - called Parrot Trainer - allows the capture, editing, and saving of EDID data for multiple Parrots, making it ideal for systems with numerous source and display devices. Once captured or created EDIDs can be saved to disk for back-up or easy transfer to other computers, for example by e-mail or USB stick. DVI Parrot prevents the DVI problems that may previously have ruined a show and gives video engineers the confidence that their video equipment will behave as intended every time. вязаный узор соты  

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Rugged, Compact Design краткая социально экономическая характеристика австралии The DVI Parrot hardware comes in a compact enclosure, with only a 28mm cable insertion / panel depth. Parrots are powered over the DVI or USB connection - no external power adapters required. где рыбачить в новосибирске An RGB status LED provides an instant indication of the Parrot's status, and the push button switches between spoof/pass-through mode, or to automatically capture an EDID from a connected monitor.

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Easy-to-use Parrot Trainer Software каталог алкогольной продукции The Parrot Trainer software, available free for Windows and Mac OSX, provides a powerful yet simple interface for controlling your DVI Parrots. норма у женщин A wizard is provided to quickly create EDIDs based on standard resolutions. Advanced users can then edit any aspect of the EDID's parameters, or create EDIDs completely from scratch. EDID profiles can be saved as http://авгура.рф/shutochnoe-pozdravlenie-ot-medikov-yubilyaru.html шуточное поздравление от медиков юбиляру .edid files for easy sharing with other users. паспорта на опасные отходы новые правила Multiple DVI Parrots can easily be controlled and monitored from the interface. Buttons are provided to quickly read back an EDID from any Parrot, or a monitor attached to one of the Parrots. цитаты о добре и зле великих людей An API is also provided for seamless third-party software integration.

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Powerful yet Unobtrusive расписание самолетов аэропорт москва домодедово DVI Parrots pass through DVI video data unaltered and its EDID management functions can be put into a bypass mode, so users needn't worry about leaving a Parrot in-line until its class-leading EDID management is required. вымогательство в особо крупном размере статья Both digital and analogue DVI video formats are supported, as is dual link DVI.

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  • Dimensions: 56.4mm x 41.9mm x 34.1mm.
  • 28mm cable insertion / panel depth.
  • Dual-link DVI-I compatible.
  • DVI/USB powered.
  • Status LED and mode button for basic control.
  • USB type-B socket for connection to PC.

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  • Mac OS X, Windows XP (32bit), Windows Vista (32bit), Windows 7 (32bit).
  • Free to download.
  • Connects to Parrots via USB.
  • Control of multiple Parrots supported.
  • API provided for third-party integration.

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DVI Parrot is sold exclusively worldwide through TMB. рассказы мама лесби Please contact TMB with all sales enquiries.

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